Gemstone Keychain
Gemstone Keychain

Gemstone Keychain

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This adorable Clear Quartz pendant keychain

🚨🚨Clear Quartz🚨🚨
Said to be the most programmable of all crystals, he's in attainment and specific goals or completion of delayed projects. Change and transformation. Often used as an offering at maitre altars, considered Sacred by many indigenous people of the Americas. And has his focus and attention to detail.
Reminder: whatever you want, you can have.
🚨🚨Charge with: smoke, spring water, sea salt, Moonlight, sunlight
Ideal pairings: Rosemary, calcaite, white sage
Composition: silicate mineraal
Notes: quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust, after Feldspar . Quartz develops electrical potential upon the application of mechanical stress. This feature allows quartz to be used in phonograph pickups, crystal oscillators, and timepieces.